Our manifesto for the ecological transition of companies and institutions

4 years after it was signed, the Paris Agreement, with the objective of stabilizing global temperature compared to the pre-industrial era well below 2°C, remains wishful thinking. The factors explaining the lack of concrete achievements since April 2016 are obviously numerous and complex (especially in terms of finance, diplomacy and geopolitics).

How many companies have launched "environmental roadmaps", "low-carbon projects or initiatives", "green strategies" without actually implementing them?

Our deep conviction is that the will is there but access for companies to specific skills in the field of ecological transition is complex. Greensupply chain, environmental display, green mobility, climate strategy, etc. These skills are indeed very specialized, rare, scattered and difficult to identify.

The information on what to do and what not to do for a successful environmental transition is prolix and protean, and it is difficult to find your way around. 

For example, finding an expert to explain the carbon or water impact of a project or the European regulations on environmental transition often takes a long time. However, to find solutions that really work and have a positive impact on the environmental footprint of our economic fabric, they must be designed and implemented with hand-picked experts.

This is what ZEUS & GAÏA is all about.

ZEUS & GAÏA is...

  • A pool ofpassionate experts committed to the ecological transition of companies and institutions
  • Flexibility thanks to punctual and tailor-made interventions only
  • Simplicity in our approach
  • A sharp and recognized expertise in all our fields of intervention
  • The guarantee of a know-how transfer from our experts to your teams

ZEUS & GAÏA is not...

  • A general or even specialized consulting firm
  • A greenwashing platform: we help our clients to take concrete action and implement solutions that have a truly beneficial impact on the environment
  • A recruitment agency: our added value lies in putting you in touch with the right expertise at the right time and when you need it most

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